What are people saying about FBC-FH?

“First Baptist Church Fairview Heights has been our family’s church for many, many years. The Gospel is preached and Scripture is taught here. We are both encouraged, supported in our faith journey, and have felt that this church is our extended family, too. Everyone is welcome to participate in the church’s ministry and share Jesus. If you are looking for a friendly church where the worship is contemporary-style but based in rich tradition, come and see!” -Su and Steve Gruenke
“As a military family, First Baptist Church Fairview Heights welcomed us with open arms allowing us to begin serving God in ministry immediately.”  -Renee Walker (Air Force spouse)

“My husband and I joined FBC-FH as newlyweds and, at the time, my husband was not attending very regularly. But one guy on the softball team reached out to him and asked him to play softball.  My husband is very much into any sport, so that was the ministry that reached him.   Now, 14 years later, he is involved in different children’s ministries and attends church on a regular basis with me and our two sons.  We have been very blessed by the people from FBC-FH, and we have had the opportunity twice to move 6 hrs away from here to be closer to family and both times we decided that all the family we need is right here.  We know we are serving where God wants us to be and look forward to the opportunities ahead for us to serve our Church family and our Lord and Savior.” -Tammy Leonard